Leyton Fourie’s 2018 season has been tainted by bad luck, but all of that is about to change as he prepares for the second round of the South African Junior Max Championship.

The race, which will be taking place at Laserfiche Raceway in Vereeniging on Sunday (29 April), will see a hugely competitive field of the best young drivers in the country, Leyton among them. Leyton has proven that he is exceptionally quick and has what is necessary to run in the top three. If he can stay out of the warpath of over-zealous competitors, he has a foot in the door for a podium this weekend.

Pace and race-craft don’t just happen overnight and Leyton has put in many hours of hard work and practice to achieve what he has, a South African title included, but even with all of his personal effort, triumph cannot be achieved without a great team. RKT continue to provide him with the best possible equipment and ensure that his Tony Kart is up to spec. The Fourie family provide massive amounts of support and infrastructure, whilst Bidvest Compendium Insurance Brokers have given him the means to follow his dreams and showcase his talent.

With God’s favour and all of these elements for success in place, it is time for Lady Luck to shine and take Leyton to that well deserved victory.