Leyton Fourie’s 2018 season has started with a bang –quite literally. An on track altercation at the club race two weeks ago left Leyton with a bent chassis. It has also, however, fuelled his determination to be out in the lead for as many laps as possible thus staying out of trouble.
The theory that he will be putting to the test at the first round of the Northern Regions championship at Zwartkops on Saturday…..stay in front, stay out of mid pack chaos.
Armed with a new Tony Kart, two club race wins and the backing of the Roos Kart Team and Ricky Perdigao, Leyton will be taking on the highly competitive Junior Max field.
“I think the racing is going to be close, but I am hoping that it will be clean and fair. I know I have the most amazing support and I am grateful to RKT, Ricky and family for getting my new chassis ready for this race,” concluded Leyton.