National Championship Bronze

The 2017 South African Mini Rok championship was a closely fought affair with three drivers, including Leyton Fourie, able to claim the title going into the final round held in Vereeniging on 29 July. Unfortunately, as with any form of motorsport, nothing is guaranteed and sometimes other drivers hold your fate in their hands. This was the case for Leyton who was on the receiving end of some rather overly robust driving from another competitor, who ensured that Leyton’s race and title hopes were both ended prematurely. Leyton eventually walked away with third place in the championship, this after claiming pole position and lying in a solid second place in the championship.

Whilst the results were devastating, Leyton has taken the results in his stride and knows that third place in a National Championship is still something to be proud of. He shares the accolades with his team, RKT (Roos Kart Team) and Cosmic Kart who have enabled his talent, dedication and hard work to shine through.