The first round of the 2018 National Junior Max Championship got underway at iDube this past weekend and unfortunately the event was one that Leyton Fourie will not look back on with fond memories.

Leyton was exceptionally quick during the practice sessions, featuring his Compendium Insurance Brokers Tony Kart consistently amongst the top three drivers. Unfortunately, an off road excursion in the final practice session bent the chassis leaving Leyton with a poor handling kart and a disastrous qualifying session.

After qualifying way out of position down in 15th, Leyton’s brilliant Roos Kart Team repaired his kart and he was set for a good first race especially after being back in the top 3 in warmup, at least until the fine KZN drizzle settled in leaving this crew scrambling to change the kart set-up. Unfortunately, whilst the race started in the wet, the track quickly dried and the competitors on slick tyres blasted to the front of the field. Leyton held on to finish 16th.

The second race was another gamble with the weather as conditions constantly changed. Leyton made up some ground to finish in the top ten.

It was dry for the start of the final race and Leyton was finally able to show his true pace. He sliced through the field from 13th and was lying comfortably in the top five before it began to rain once more. Leyton dropped to sixth before the red flag ended the race.

“It was a tough weekend that literally came down to guessing what the weather was going to do next. We walk away from iDube with a wealth of experience and look forward to some better results in the next race. I am in the best team with the best people around me, we will come back very strong. As always, thank you my team, sponsors, family and supporters,” concluded Leyton.