Motorsport has, to a certain extent, taken over Leyton Fourie’s life. Racing is his passion and he is very fortunate to not only have the talent to excel in the sport but also to have the support he needs to reach the top.

is panning out to be a busy year, as Leyton adds OKJ into the already challenging mix. In South Africa, as in most parts of the world, there are various motorsport series from which to choose. Within each series are various categories which are mostly determined by driver age. OKJ is a category within the SA Rok Cup. The OKJ category has received Motorsport South Africa Academy status and the winner of this championship will be entitled to represent South Africa at the Rok World Final at the end of the year.

Leyton will be competing in the first round of this championship this weekend at Laserfiche Raceway, where his talent and hard work will be put to the test against a very competitive field, comprising of many former Mini Rok drivers.

Tony Kart will be Leyton’s weapon of choice as he continues to excel under the guidance of RKT and Ricki Perdigo.