Leyton Fourie

When a large portion of your life is based on racing, it can be quite devastating to be told that you will have to miss a race event. Regardless of the race status, a racing driver just wants to race. Unfortunately, this is the position that Bidvest Compendium Insurance Brokers driver, Leyton Fourie finds himself in this weekend.

Leyton will be unable to compete in the final round of the 2018 Northern Regions Junior Max event tomorrow, thanks to a fractured wrist. The injury was caused during a massive accident at the Rok World Final held in Italy last weekend. The decision not to compete this weekend will ensure that Leyton does not aggravate the injury and gives it a chance to heal before serious damage is done.

“I am disappointed not to be racing, but I understand the repercussions of driving with an injury. This is however the right decision and I look forward to the 2019 season. I would like to wish all my team mates the best of luck for this weekend.”

Depending on how well Leyton’s wrist heals, he may still compete in the final Junior Rok event which will be taking place in November.

Issued by: Motorsport Marketing Services