Leyton Fourie

Hard work pays off and Leyton Fourie’s performance at the SA Rok Cup, held at the Vereeniging Kart Circuit, this past weekend demonstrates that perfectly.

Leyton has always been a quick driver, but this weekend, a new driving characteristic came to the fore. His driving style was noticeably different on Saturday, as was his demeanour. Leyton approached every heat as if it were a chess game and every move was calculated.

Anyone watching the timing screens would have thought Leyton was experiencing technical gremlins, but with about 2 minutes left in the qualifying session, he made his move. He put in a blistering lap time, launching himself from mid field, right on to the front row. The flag came out to end the session before anyone could challenge his time.

“I felt I was being held up trying to set a qualifying time in the pack. I had a better time in myself and the kart and decided to put in a lap on my own. My lap was 3 tenths of a second faster, so I am glad it paid off, commented Leyton”

Leyton had a good first race. He had more than one charge for the lead, but didn’t get involved in any crazy antics. The strategy served him well and he secured a 2nd place finish.

Leyton started race two from third on the grid, based on his lap time from the first heat. The race didn’t start smoothly and was red flagged just a few seconds into the race, after a massive turn one accident. When the race finally got underway, Leyton was ready. In an impressive and strategic drive, Leyton waited for the right moment, got into the lead and took a brilliant win.

The final race of the day saw much of the same. Leyton took his RKT prepared Kosmic kart to a solid second place finish. The results were, however, later reclassified, giving Leyton another superb win and the first place trophy for the day.

Thanks to his dedication and his team’s hard work, Leyton has taken a massive 14 point lead in the championship.

Leyton is proudly sponsored by: Bidvest Compendium Insurance Brokers, Express Hire, Remote Hygiene and National Pride Trading.