Leyton Fourie put in a sterling drive at the fourth round of the 2019 SA Rok Cup, held at iDube on 17 August, but his efforts were just a stone throw short of championship honours.

It was evident early on that Leyton enjoys the circuit and had good pace. He put his RKT prepped Kosmic on the front row of the grid for the first heat and looked set for a dream weekend.

Things went awry during the start, however, when Leyton was forced from 2nd to 9th in the first lap. Once again, Leyton’s fighting spirit shone through as he managed make up ground and get himself back up to 6th.

The second race was one for the books with lap after lap of exciting racing, with Leyton right in the mix, in a three kart tussle for second. Leyton was patient and waited for the last corner of the last lap to make his move. It was a drag race to the line, but Leyton had to settle for 3rd after again being forced off track.

“In Heat 3 I focused on getting the best start possible from the outside of the front row. I slotted into 2nd and chased after Josh as hard as I could. We managed to pull away from the chaotic pack and looked set for a last lap show down. Unfortunately my front tyres were wasted at the end and I could not get into a position to safely pass Josh.”

“Overall, we had a good weekend and a competitive season. We were fast at every round and could have just as easily come into the last round with a comfortable lead. Unfortunately there were a few bumps (both literal and figurative) along the way, but that’s racing. The 2019 season isn’t over yet, with the Northern Regions championship where I currently have a comfortable lead still up for grabs. I want to thank everyone at RKT for another great year in the Nationals. They gave me everything I needed to win. ” commented Leyton.

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