This weekend will mark a turning point in Leyton Fourie’s motorsport career as the South African champion makes the leap from karting to tin top racing. Leyton will become one of the youngest drivers to ever compete in the Oettinger Polo Cup when he takes to Zwartkops Raceway this weekend (8 August 2020).

Although testing has been limited, Leyton has been able to get some seat time in his new Oettinger VW Polo. The challenge has, however, been a big one. Leyton has had to adapt to a much bigger, heavier four door saloon car. He has also had to come to grips with a manual transmission and learn a new circuit.

“I am exceptionally excited about the weekend and am grateful for the opportunity to be racing as part of the highly professional Signature Motorsport team and to be representing such legendary Motorsport brands like Monroe, Ferodo and Champion. I think the race is going to be very mentally demanding, but I am ready for the challenge,” commented Leyton.

Racing is expected to be robust, but Leyton has the advantage of a strong team behind him. With a sensible head on his shoulders, Leyton will fare well on Saturday as he embarks on his main circuit journey.